My year in Ireland was fruitful not just on personal level but also on professional level. I worked for a logistics company as a marketing and sales executive for a few months there. Although I couldn’t stay there longer because of the visa, I still learned quite a lot there. Here are some of my takeaways:

1. Use different tools to reach your potential customers

It’s important to be on the platforms where your customers are. There are many expats and international students living in Dublin. One communication tool just isn’t enough. We used different tools to stay in touch with our customers: Wechat for Chinese, KakaoTalk for Korean, Line for Taiwanese, Facebook and WhatsApp for all customers. Also, it’s vital to speak the language your customers speak, in literal sense sometimes. Since many international students went to Ireland to learn English, to make the conversation easier, we hired with some representatives in different communities to promote our services in different languages. It created better communication and customer experience.

Marketing Talks

Marketing meetup on latest trends in SEO

2. Excellent customer service leads to better sales

Excellent customer service goes a long way. It boosts trust and reputation for your brand. To ensure good customer experience, we replied to our customers’ requests as soon as we could. In most cases, we closed a deal within a day after we responded a customer’s query. Happy customers turn into advocates of your brand. Word of mouth marketing is very valuable in promoting your brand as people are more likely to trust people they know than an advertisement.


Also, sales, marketing, and customer service must work together to deliver consistent positive brand image and achieve good customer satisfaction. Great customer service can be a sales engine and it promotes more opportunities.

3. Is Facebook still relevant? 

Facebook marketing has changed a lot over the past few years and it appears that less and less young people are using it. With its continuous algorithm updates, organic reach and impression has dropped significantly compared to the old days. Does it mean that Facebook is not relevant anymore? I don’t think so. Even if you don’t have a lot of budget to spend on Facebook ads, I still think your business should be on Facebook. Facebook is still one of the most used social media in the world. A lot of times when customers want to reach you, they go to Facebook and try to find you there. Even organic reach is quite low now, it would still be good to update your page from time to time. If you have some marketing budget, paid advertisement will largely increase your exposure  to your target audience.

4. Use Wechat as more than a communication tool

The logistics company I worked for is a Chinese company. We used Wechat a lot for work. Wechat  is one of the most used social media in China. If you’re doing business with Chinese companies, you are probably already using it. However, many people use Wechat only as a communication tool. It’s so much more than that. It’s a good platform to market yourself and your brand. Let’s start with your name on Wechat. It should show people not just your name, but also what you do, so people know who they can go for help when they need it. For example, isn’t “Mark-Data Driven Growth Hacker” better than a simple “Mark”? Utilise the space and make youself stand out from the crowd.


Staying up to date on Chinese social media insights with the office in China

5. Buy from experts, not from sales

People tend to buy from people they know or trust. Hard selling is hardly a good sales technique. Wechat, same as other social media,  is a good place for personal branding. Instead of pushing your products, you should show your expertise and build reputation there. Use it the way you use Facebook fan page for your brand: Update it frequently, provide valuable information, display your personality, interact with your followers, work with other experts to cross promote, etc. Once people recognise your expertise in a specific field, they will naturally turn to you when they need help.

6. Create and curate engaging content

What you share on your personal social media is important. Just like corporate branding strategy, you need to deliver consistent quality content to build up reputation. Talk about things that your followers might be interested in. For example, if you sell baby products and you want to target moms, you can share information about parenting, weight lose, skincare tips, etc. Use catchy titles such as “10 Parenting Dos and Don’ts” or “10 myths about weight lose diet”. These kind of titles are easy to remember and follow.

Although marketing, sales, and customer service are three in three different departments in most companies, I believe they must work closely together and support each other since clients and customers see businesses as an entity, not departments. My last position incorporates the three and I got to see how a company benefits most when these three work well together. Also, with the continuous development of technology, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends and utilise different tools to stay connected to your clients and brand for your company and yourself.

Of all the places I visited in Ireland, Mayo was not doubt my favourite place to visit. Irish people in general are very nice, even people in big cities like Dublin are friendly, but people in Mayo take this friendliness to a whole different level. Literally every restaurant and bar me and my friend went, people greeted us with a big smile on their face, sometimes even “welcome to Ireland”. We felt so welcomed in Mayo. Of course what makes Mayo so attractive is not just its heart-warming locals but also its beautiful nature. We took a 3 days trip to Mayo. Although it was too short to explore all the places we wanted to see there, it gave us a good taste of this beautiful Irish county. See below for the beautiful places we got to visit there.

Our first stop was Downpatrick Head. It’s about 3.5 hours drive from Dublin. Downpatrick has its historical importance. The name Downpatrick is derived from a time when Saint Patrick founded a church here. Although we went during a long weekend, there were not many people. It was peaceful and the views were breathtaking. It was very windy there, so be careful not to get too close to the cliff.
Dun Briste Sea Stack

Dun Briste Sea Stack in Mayo

Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo

Wild Atlantic Way coastline

Wild Atlantic Way coastline in Co. Mayo

Downpatrick Head

There were more sleeps than people when we visited 😉

It was late in the afternoon when we arrived Downpatrick and it was cloudy and the weather turned very “Irish” very quickly, by “Irish” I mean gloomy, cold, windy, with a bit of rain. We didn’t stay there for long before we hit the road again. Somewhere on the way to our B&B we made a short stop along the coastline for this view.
Wild Atlantic Way

The coastline in Mayo is beautiful even on a cloudy day!

The second day we had an early start to go to Ballycroy National Park because we planned to hike Croagh Patrick in the afternoon. Ballycroy is Ireland’s sixth national park and it’s important for its wildlife, especially its active bog systems. We took a looped walk around the visitor centre and really enjoyed the view around the area. It was an easy and flat walk, a perfect warm up for our hike in the afternoon.
Ballycroy National Park

Ballycroy National Park

Ballycroy National Park

A peaceful morning walk in the park

The weather wasn’t too good when we arrived Croagh Patrick but it didn’t stop us from doing the hike. Croagh Patrick is Ireland’s holy mountain and has ritual significance as a pilgrimage site. St Patrick reportedly spent 40 days fasting on this holy mountain, but it’s believed the history of pilgrimage can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago from the Stone Age till present day without interruption. Now every last Sunday of July, more than 20,000 people gather and climb to the top. The slope is covered by mostly loose sharp stones. The tradition of the pilgrimage is the climb should be done barefoot, which makes the hike even more challenging.
Saint Patrick's statue

First stop of the pilgrimage Saint Patrick’s statue

Croagh Patrick wasn’t an easy hike for me. Along with some water and food, I highly recommend you to bring a hiking stick with you. It makes walking up and down on severely loose stones a lot easier. If you forget your hiking stick, you can rent one at the visitor centre by the parking lot. It hike get quite steep when you’re closer to the top.
Croagh Patrick

A hiking stick will make the hike a lot easier.

The weather was crazy the day we hiked. Sometimes it was nice and sunny for 10 minutes, then it got super windy and rainy.
Croagh Patrick

It was sunny like this at some point during the hike.

Croagh Patrick

My boots were completely wet half way up

Croagh Patrick

You will be rewarded with the beautiful view of Clew bay on the hike.

The wind was so strong the day we hiked with occasional rain, sometimes we could barely stand up. We were completely soaked. My friend gave up half the way up. Thankfully I met a very experienced hiker who shared some tips with me and helped me to go to the top. The hike usually takes about 3.5 hours round trip. Although it took me almost 3 hours just the way up, I still made it!
Ireland's Holy Mountain

I was cold, exhausted and happy!

Saint Patrick's bed

Saint Patrick’s bed at the summit

As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t stay at the top of Croagh Patrick for long as it was getting darker and the weather was getting worse. It was cold, windy, rainy, and foggy and I was hungry and so looking forward to a warm meal after it.
Croagh Patrick

The weather changed quickly in the mountains.

Climbing Croagh Patrick was one of the best things I did during my one year stay in Ireland. It was challenging and I thought about giving up many times along the way and I’m glad I didn’t, although my friend said she thought I was lost and wanted to call a search team to look for me while she was waiting for me in the car haha. Although the weather was still terrible, we enjoyed nice warm meal in Westport.
Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick from our BnB

Last day we took a nice morning stroll in Westport and its surrounding area before heading back to Dublin. Mayo is the perfect place for outdoor lovers. There were still many places left on my list such as cycling The Great Western Greenway and Achill Island. Guess I will leave them for my next visit to Mayo 😉
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A year in Ireland

December 9, 2019

Time to update my blog 😉

Last year I had the opportunity to live and work in Ireland, so I took the chance and moved there for a year. It was an unforgettable experience for me on both personal and professional level. After my one year in Ireland, I even took the opportunity to take a once in a lifetime trip across Europe for 3 months. I’m going to share some of the highlights from the past year now.

Let’s start with Ireland!

To me, Ireland was a mysterious country which I knew so little before moving there. Fortunately, Ireland is the kind of country that the more you know it, the more you will fall in love with it. Its beautiful nature and friendly people are what I find most attractive. What’s best is that sometimes you can see more sheeps than people even at some popular attractions. I lived in Dublin but I travelled all around Ireland when I was there. It’s a shame when most people visit Ireland, they only stay in the city. I am going to share some of my favourite places around Dublin for a day trip.

1. Howth

Howth is a lovely fishing village just outside of Dublin. It takes only about 20 minutes by Dart (train in Dublin) and about 40 minutes by bus from Dublin city centre. It’s a great place to get out of the bustling city and enjoy a relaxing day. Howth cliff walks are great for a little exercise. There are a few different hiking trails with amazing views of the ocean. Hungry after exercise? Howth offers a good variety of seafood options, from food stalls to high-end restaurants. You can easily find catch of the day seafood there.

For more information about Howth, visit Howth Tourism.

Howth Cliff Walks

Stunning Howth cliff walks

Howth Ireland

Howth Seafront

2. Bray-Greystones cliff walk

Bray and Greystones are two coastal towns in County Wicklow. Although they are outside of County Dublin, but they are easy to get to and simply too beautiful to miss. They can be easily reached by Dart, bus or car. The cliff walk between Bray and Greystones is flat and easy, suitable for everyone and the view along the way is amazing. The walk usually takes me 1.5 hours one way with some photo stops. I always go from Bray to Greystones and take a short coffee break in Greystones. There are some cute little cafes and restaurants with great views of the seafront.

Check out visit Wicklow to find out more information about the walk.

Bray Ireland

Bray is the biggest town in County Wicklow

Bray Greystones Cliff Walk

Along the cliff walk you will see Dart passing by from time to time

Bray Greystones cliff walk

View along the Bray-Greystones cliff walk

3. Glendalough

Of all the hikes around Dublin, Glendalough is no doubt my favourite yet also the most difficult one. Glendalough Valley is located in Wicklow Mountain National Park. It’s known for not only beautiful sceneries but also for an early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century. The easiest way to get there from Dublin is by bus. Since it’s a popular destination, there are also some day tours going to Glendalough. But I would suggest driving there since it allows more flexibility and you can stop by some other places around it. There are quite a few hiking trails there. The hikes are a bit more difficult but manageable for even people who don’t exercise regularly like me. I would recommend to go there for a full day to make the best of what nature has to offer there.

Glendalough Monastic site

The round tower

Glendalough Wicklow

Amazing view along the hiking trails in Glendalough

Glendalough upper lake

Glendalough upper lake

More information about Glendalough.

After hiking in Glendalough, I highly recommend making a detour to Johnnie Fox’s Pub for a delicious meal on the way back to Dublin. Johnny Fox’s is a traditional Irish pub where you can enjoy a traditional meal with live Irish music. You sure will have a blast here!

Johnnie fox's Pub

Johnnie Fox’s is one of my favourite Irish pubs.

These are my favourite places around and outside of Dublin. All are perfect for nature lovers. If you’re looking to get out of the hustling city next time you visit Dublin, give these places a try and hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!

前陣子和朋友們一起參與了美麗佳人以及Studio83所舉辦的「心心樹畫」活動。在跟大家分享活動內容前,先跟大家簡單介紹一下這個活動的背景及Studio83吧! 美麗佳人每個月都會舉辦一場風格與美學培養的活動,只要是會員都可以報名參加,活動內容非常的多樣化,像是私廚甜點課、手調香氛工作坊、品酒會、聖誕花圈製作等等,而這次的「心心樹畫」活動就是美麗佳人Style Labs玩美實驗室系列活動之一,有興趣了解更多或是參與其他場活動的朋友們請點這裡。2008年成立於香港的Studio83,其共同創辦人兼資深藝術顧問Charles是位對藝術充滿熱情及想法的人,也是個對學生非常耐心教導的老師,Studio83在台灣的工作室位於天母忠誠誠品的二樓,地點非常的好找,看完介紹有興趣報名課程或了解更多的朋友歡迎到官網粉絲團了解!那接下來就跟大家分享當天活動~

Marie Claire


Style Labs



玩美實驗室的手冊,裡面有玩美實驗室系列活動的介紹,還有許多的優惠折扣,裡面就包含了這次活動單位studio 83的體驗優惠卷,有興趣的朋友可以跟我拿喔~另外,每參加一場玩美實驗室的活動就會獲得一個活動章,集滿三堂或五堂的活動章也可以獲得精美小禮物喔!先帶大家來看看畫室的環境~

Style Labs




Studio 83


Style Labs


Style Labs



Marie Claire





Marie Claire


這次很開心可以參加美麗佳人玩美實驗室的活動並且與大家分享經驗,  我覺得活動非常的有趣且很有收穫,上次像這樣好好的坐下來專心畫一幅畫已經不知道是什麼時候了,且還在這麼美的畫室,老師跟助教們也都非常耐心教導,最後還可以帶回自己的作品當裝飾品,真心推薦!


Christmas is the most magical time of the year. To me, Christmas is all about sharing happiness and love with others. Below are two of my favorite Christmas campaigns of the year by Expedia and Westjet. Check them out and see how you can help make the world a better place!

To encourage its users to donate the points they’ve collected to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Expedia sent Santa to fly coach around the world to earn points this year. In “Santa flies coach”, Santa flies to Hawaii, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, and Dublin. By the end of the worldwide trip, Santa visits the kids at St.Jude and donates the points he earned through Expedia. No family is ever asked to pay for the treatment at St. Jude, so donations are a vital part to support the hospital. As a long-standing partner of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Expedia has donated money and resources to the organization over the years.

“Santa flies coach” was not the first ad campaign Expedia did for St.Jude. In 2012, the “find your strength” campaign features cancer survivor Maggie Cupit flying to Dallas to share her almost unbearably poignant story at St. Jude, where she received her treatment and developed strong friendship with another patient Odie. While Maggie fought back her cancer, Odie died from his. In the commercial, Maggie gives a speech at St. Jude’s fundraising event, in hopes that attendees will donate to the cause. At the end of the commercial, it encourages people to donate money to St. Jude.

As a leading online travel booking site, Expedia aims to facilitate all kinds of travels. With the tagline “where you book matters”, the company wants to change the mindset of many travelers that don’t really care where they book their travels. To me, both “Santa flies coach” and “find your strength” are very successful. They exemplify the value of Expedia— there are all kinds of travels and every trip is unique, personal, and has the potential to be transformational. “Find your strength” triggers emotional reaction and brings the cause to people’s attention. Above all, it helps raise money for St. Jude’s. “Santa flies coach” keeps the spirit of the brand and reminds people of the cause with a little Christmas cheer. Better yet, it allows you to be part of the good deed without opening your wallet!

The Canadian airline Westjet knows how to celebrate Christmas right. In 2012, Westjet launched its first Christmas miracle “Westjet Christmas Flash Mob”. The airline surprised its guests by turning a boarding lounge into the North Pole with carolers, snowmen, and, of course, Santa Claus.

Last year, Westjet’s Christmas miracle “real-time giving” delighted its unsuspecting travelers with personalized Christmas presents at the baggage carousel at their destination Calgary airport. Westjet captured the experience and shared the video on Youtube. The video soon became an Internet sensation. It was the most shared Canadian viral ad in 2013 and among top five internationally. Its Youtube views, social media shares and media impressions far exceeded program objectives. This viral ad also boosted sales. Westjet had an unprecedented increase in sales during holiday season in 2013.

This year’s Christmas miracle “spirit of  giving” almost brought me to tears. The airline says it’s the last chapter of the Christmas miracle trilogy. This time, Westjet brought the whole Christmas miracle to residents of a village in the Dominican Republic. The airline has worked with the community since 2012 to improve the quality of living there, and it gives them the opportunity to see what the village really needs. The company worked with the community leader and residents to plan for the surprise. Not only did everyone receive a personal present from blue Santa, the village also got a new playground for kids. The video ended with a party by the beach with snow! I think the whole project is very well-planned and meaningful. Westjet created job opportunities by hiring more than 40 locals to help with the project. Many much-needed gifts like washing machine and horse were given to make locals’ lives easier. Furthermore, kids finally have a safe place to play. By shopping locally, Westjet helped support the area’s economy. Christmas miracle trilogy not only directly aligns with Westjet’s fun and friendly image but also delivers an exceptional guest experience.

It’s better to give than to receive. I like both of Expedia and Westjet’s Christmas campaigns. They both tell an unforgettable story that echoes to their brand core values. They create buzz around the brands and help increase sales. Most importantly, they contribute to the society and make a difference. I want to give them my business just to be part of the good deeds!

Desigual_life is cool

December 5, 2014

I didn’t get on here for a while. I have been pretty busy lately. I left the U.S. and have just recently relocated back to Asia. Before I came back to Asia, I took a 45-day trip to Europe with my friend. Everything there was very exotic and interesting to me. It was also the longest trip I have taken so far. We visited eight countries in total. I had many interesting finds and I can’t wait to share with you!

I stumbled upon a Spanish clothing brand Desigual in Barcelona. Actually it’s very hard not to see it when you’re in Barcelona. There’s a Desigual store almost every other corner in downtown. Spain has long been famous for many globally known fashion brands at accessible prices for young professionals such as Armand Basi, Zara, Mango. While targeting very similar age group as its rivals, Desigual stands out to me with its strong brand personality.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Desigual is everything but ordinary. The brand was founded by a Swiss man Thomas Meyer in 1984 and has been led by Manel Adell since 2002. Thomas envisions a clothing brand that brings people positivism, joy, and fun, so the brand aims to make clothes for people, not for body. Desigual is known for its patchwork design, intense print, innovative graffiti, and flamboyant splashes of color. The company’s motto ”La Vida es Chula”(in Spanish), which means “life is cool.” This emotional appeal reflects on its marketing strategies. Desigual conveys its brand core value in innovative ways. There are a few things I like how the brand markets itself.

1. Atypical marketing events

Desigual is a very unique and original brand and it manifests its brand spirits through unconventional marketing events. Desigual has held many events that have successfully created buzz. For popular black Friday sale this year, Desigual gave away a free outfit to shoppers who showed up half-naked in San Francisco. This kind of undie party has been held since 2005 across the world. The event helped gain press coverage and has become one of its signature events.

Desigual black friday

Desigual black Friday event in San Francisco, 2014.

“The color run by desigual” has become a classic sporting event in Spain. It attracted over 7,000 runners to join this year in Sevilla. The race isn’t anything about competition. It is about having fun during the race with friends and family. Desigual wants participants to become “the happiest and the colorists” runners in the world! The event echoes the brand’s motto “life is cool”, delivers positive feelings to people, and brings colors to live!

color run

The color run by Desigual in Sevilla, 2014.

Another one of Desigual’s signature events is “kiss tour”. Kiss parties were held throughout Europe and attracted thousands of people to attend. The events brought people together to share kisses, love, enthusiasm, and good vibe. This festive event once again shows the brand’s value.

Desigual kiss tour

Desigual kiss tour in Paris, 2010.

2. Strong partnerships

Good partnerships add value to your brand. Desigual isn’t afraid to step out to seek for new partnership opportunities. In 2011, Desigual signed a worldwide contract with Cirque du Soleil to create the collection Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil. Desigual and Cirque du Soleil share very similar values and personality. They are both very different, bold, and fun. The collection is incredible and brings out the best of both parties.


Models in Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil collection.

Desigual is constantly evolving and expanding. It has grown from a fashion clothing brand to a multi-category brand. Desigual launched 4 new categories in the past two years, including shoes, living, beauty, and sports. In 2013, based on its slogan “La Vida es Chula (life is cool)”, Desigual worked with Barcelona Princess Hotel and transformed 18 hotel rooms into Desigual-themed rooms. Each room is decorated with daring patterns and bright colors. I think the collaboration between Desigual and Barcelona Princess Hotel is a clever move. The collaboration with Barcelona Princess Hotel not only helps promote Desigual living collection but also takes the whole Desigual experience to the next level!


Desigual-themed room in Barcelona Princess Hotel.

3. High consumer engagement

Desigual is very good at bringing people together and communicating its brand value with its customers through its events. Every of its marketing events shows passion, happiness, love, and positivism and has generated positive reviews and media coverage. Desigual is also very tech-savvy. It makes good use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to interact with its fans. With its strong social media marketing, Desigual got top engagement rate with customers in fashion industry.

Desigual’s quirky marketing campaigns have created buzz and increase its brand awareness, but sometimes it can go a bit too far. Earlier this year for mother’s day campaign, Desigual created a controversial TV commercial in Spain featuring a young woman, wishing to get pregnant, poking holes in her partner’s condom. The ad caused outrage on the internet, and Desigual later apologized for offending viewers and released an edited version of the ad.

By 2013, while Desigual has presence in 20 countries, nearly 90% of its total sales came from Europe. Desigual is expecting to continue to consolidate its international expansion, especially in the US, Latin America and Japan. I believe Desigual has the potential to grow globally. When doing marketing in a new continent, Desiual should keep an eye out for culture differences and consider if its atypical marketing tactic would work in some more conservative countries.

Desigual Barcelona

Desigual’s headquarter in Barcelona.

photo credits: Desigual, Barcelona Princess Hotel

I took a 3-day trip to Vegas a few months ago. Although it wasn’t my first time in Vegas, everything was pretty exciting to me since I was only 10 last time I was there. It’s no doubt that Vegas is on the top of the list when it comes to crazy parties, shows, shopping, gambling, fancy hotels and all-you-can-eat buffets. I didn’t miss any of them. I watched the world-famous O show by cirque du soleil. The show was simply amazing. The ticket was pricy but it was worth every penny. I pigged out at a few different buffets and didn’t have any appetite for the next few days. Both hotels I stayed, Wynn and Cosmopolitan, had excellent service and gorgeous view of the strip. The whole Vegas experience is one of a kind. To me, Vegas is a mix of everything. Everything there is very real and surreal at the same time. People go there to escape from reality and make the trip the time of their life. I was intrigued by what made Vegas such a unique place that draws people away from reality.

Las Vegas

Beautiful view from our hotel room.

Las Vegas

Vegas strip night view.

“ What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” campaign just turned 10 last year and it’s now still one of the most famous taglines in the modern tourism marketing. The slogan is simple, memorable, and powerful. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) and the ad agency R&R partners were rebranding Vegas for something other than gambling. After a year of research, they found the emotional bond people have with Vegas. People come to Vegas to enjoy “adult freedom.” Vegas seems to be a paradise for people to express themselves guilty-free while enjoying all the excitement Vegas has to offer. They become people they wouldn’t/ couldn’t be in real life. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” successfully incorporate the unique Vegas experience and emotional connection people have with Sin City. The tagline can simply apply to any situation.

The campaign has evolved with the development of technology. Now people are eager to share their lives on different social media. What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas. Sin city’s atmosphere of adult freedom is threatened by people over-sharing on the internet. In 2011, LVCVA ran a campaign “know the code” in an attempt to stop people from sharing what other people would rather keep private. A webpage was created to urge people not to share some private and crazy moments that were supposed to keep secret with the city. A commercial was filmed to show the consequences of not following the code. The “know the code” campaign is a great extension of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It not only reinforces the Vegas spirit but also keeps up with current trends.

It’s not hard to understand why “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is still one of the most successful city campaigns in the modern tourism history. The iconic tagline subtly incorporates all the Vegas excitement with the emotional connection people have with the Sin city. It leaves people ample room to imagine the endless possibilities that could happen in Vegas. Besides, it evolves with technology and current trends. All these have made Vegas strip one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Next time when you’re in Vegas, go wild! Your secret is safe with the city. As the saying goes: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!